How brokers can capture customer information and why it’s so important

Want to learn how to make the most of your CRM system? It all starts with the data! Here’s a look at the critical customer information you should be capturing as well as how to leverage it to its fullest potential.

Why the right data is important

Your CRM system is only as good as the data it contains. If you’re just using it to store customer names and addresses, you’re not utilising its full potential.

To make the most of your CRM system, it’s important to think about your entire sales pipeline and what information is needed at each step:

  • New or potential lead: Where did they originate? (Social media, email, print campaign, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Qualifying the lead: Where, when and how did they contact you? Which products and services have they expressed interest in? Did they get a quote on a mortgage?
  • Making a pitch: What information do you have that can help bolster your sales proposition? (Purchase history, income, lifestyle, family, interests, likes, dislikes, etc.)
  • Closing the sale: Have you fulfilled all of the customer requirements? (Answered questions, sent information, met promises, etc.)
  • Following up/cross selling: Based on a customer’s needs and purchasing history, what are the products and services they are likely to need in the future? (Financial planning, investment products, etc.)

By taking the time to capture the appropriate customer data from initial contact to in-person meeting and beyond, CRM systems can help you track the life cycle of your customers and target them with the appropriate message at the appropriate time. And when it comes to closing the sale, timing is everything.

Are you taking full advantage of your data?

CRM data can help your business identify the ideal prospect and save time and energy through lead profiling and scoring. Instead of following up on questionable leads, your CRM system can prioritise your sales pipeline with high-quality leads that are more likely to result in a conversion.

Your CRM system can also help you:

  • nurture leads through the entire buying cycle
  • keep better track of customers and sales
  • automate routine marketing activities
  • access valuable metrics for reporting and decision-making
  • create more effective digital marketing budgets.

Indeed, brokers who can effectively leverage CRM technology have a key advantage over the competition. Ensure you’re getting the most out of your broking business (while streamlining marketing operations) by implementing strong CRM practices as soon as possible.

For today’s broker, success depends on nurturing and building client relationships at every stage of the sales funnel. Contact us to learn more about how Choice can assist with your business planning for greater success.