Sharpen up your office procedure

If you’re in a daily battle of balancing banks, clients, awkward deals and a more awkward office administration, here are a few ideas that may make your office sharp, efficient and rewarding.

Support for your loan processing

Too swamped with loan processing to get out and see more clients? There are a couple of potential easy fixes.

  • One is to hire an admin person. They can deal with those menial tasks that may take up so much time, allowing you to focus on your core business. However, remember to plan ahead when hiring – give yourself enough time to find exactly the right person.
  • Another option is to hire a loan processor, who can save you reams of that time spent on information gathering and data verification. They can potentially save you from making the detail-related errors that are more likely to occur when you have too much on your plate.

Read more about how to streamline your recruitment processes here.

Is your old system of communication telling you something?

Working in the idyllic business utopia of cutting edge technology, while astounding your clients with impressive communication, may require professional help that will repay their running expenses many times over.

Face-to-face technology similar to Skype or Facetime can be helpful, although difficult to arrange with many participants.  A similar situation occurs with large-file sharing products such as Dropbox. Although time-saving, it needs a guiding hand to oversee and understand the applicable file size limits.

Other digital business tools, like pop-up customer/lender information displayed on any device, within seconds of an important call, are dispensable.

If small mortgage broker businesses are faced with limited IT capacity, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) may be a cost-effective answer. MSP subscription models offer monthly billing, can provide fast, reliable client and lender communication with a strong ROI – and, as they’re keeping an eye on things, they can minimise IT problems and downtime. They also provide:

  • Help with remote monitoring/management of networks and servers.
  • Maximise your mobile device management.
  • Provide remote firewall administration.
  • Improve your overall IT security.
  • Offer printer maintenance and printer consumables.

As more IT infrastructure migrates to a cloud-based format, a MSP can keep your business up to speed while also supplying a disaster recovery service.

Plus, an outside supplier can keep you in touch with the latest Apps and software to further improve your business efficiency. There’s also the fringe benefit of keeping staff happy, and reducing staff losses, with a smoother operating system.

Sharpen up how you engage with your clients

Make sure you’re streamlining your client processes by engaging with your clients more efficiently. Here are a few tips:

  • Get your clients to complete the loan application checklist before you meet them, so it’s all ready for your meeting. Having this information from the get-go will help you maximise your face-to-face time with the client.
  • Spend, or invest, some time reverse engineering your day. In 15-minute increments, note the components that were efficient (and beneficial to your business), and those that weren’t. You may be surprised just how much productive time you discover you lose once you analyse it.
  • As a broker, you’ll be well-versed in chatting to people. So, next time you’re at an industry function, make it your business to raise the subject of office efficiency with as many industry peers as possible. See here how skill sharing with brokers can greatly impact your business.
  • Keep an eye on the ever-changing world of broker industry trends and techniques by going online on a regular basis. Sites such as LinkedIn allow you to register industry-specific keywords in their search boxes, so you can be emailed precise information. You’ll be amazed at the number of broker blogs and amount of advice that’s out there.

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