Simple ways to land your first client

Setting up a business can be a daunting task. It’s not just about building the framework and hoping for the best. It’s also about getting yourself out there. Once you’ve got your products and services, business structure and website in place, you then need to find your clients.

Here are some handy tips on building your client base from the ground up.

Speak up

Nothing gets you into people’s heads like simply talking about what you do. Start as soon as possible, and become your business’s best spokesperson.

In daily conversations, there will often be opportunities to discuss what you do and how you can help people achieve their financial dreams. The key is finding the balance between talking your business up and overwhelming people with your over-exuberance.

Remember, if you’re excited by your business and you can genuinely help people, it won’t take long for word to spread – you just need to get the ball rolling

Get online

These days, a website is just not enough. Your website needs to be updated regularly, and you need to be on social media – whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter. Your website and your social media channels need to built with client needs in mind: knowing your audience is vital for online marketing success.

With every blog and social post, your clients, and potential clients, should be front and centre. You need to speak directly to them, or you run the risk of the content falling flat. If you’re not sure what to say online, ask yourself: “Who is your reader? What keeps him or her up at night? What do you know or what stories can you tell to help alleviate any pain or suffering or frustrations they are feeling?”

You will eventually have different kinds of clients; some who will check your website, some who will go straight to social media and some who will pick up the phone and talk to you. It’s vital that you’re available to every client on the platform where they are most comfortable and active.


Don’t be afraid to use traditional advertising. While many will say it’s a dying form, it’s not. There are still plenty of people out there who check local media to find services in their area. Plus, television reaches 87.4% of Australians, 73.1% of people over 14 years of age listen to the radio in the morning, and 15% of people responded to a Neilsen survey to say billboards are the number one way they discover new product information (PDF).

And advertising doesn’t just mean creating an ad and popping it in the newspaper. It also means advertising your services using newsletters and pamphlets, digital advertising on targeted sites or for specific search terms, and through incentives such as discounts.


Networking is imperative for any new business owner. Not only does it give you the opportunity to talk to people about your business, you can also learn from those who’ve had success. Also, people are much more likely to remember your face than your email address, so get out and in front of your peers at industry events.

A good way to think about networking is to give as much as you get. As a new broker, it’s likely you’ll receive tips and tricks from established brokers. But remember, you also have a lot to offer. Be attentive and engaging when people need advice, speak up in conversations, and discuss ways you can help others promote their businesses.

For more information about landing your first client, please contact your Partnership Manager.