Three steps to registering your business name

When you’re setting up a new business, there’s more to it than just building a website and printing business cards. In addition to choosing the right name for your business, you also need to get it registered. Here’s how to register your business name in three easy steps.

  1. Apply for an ABN

Before you can register a business name, you’ll need to obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN) from the Australian Business Register (ABR). The good news, it won’t cost you anything to get an ABN and you can have multiple business names under the same ABN. Simply apply for an ABN online and, once approved, you’ll be able register your business as well as buy a domain name ending in or

  1. Choose a business name

Your business name (also known as a trading name) is the name or title under which you, a partnership or a trust can conduct business. Try to choose a name that is both simple and memorable, while accurately representing the nature of your business. To make sure your chosen name is available and hasn’t already been trademarked, be sure to search the name on the ASIC register before attempting to register it.

  1. Register your business name

Last but not least, you’ll need to register your business name. Unless you’re using your own name for your business (for example, if your name is Allen Miller and your business is named Allen Miller), you’ll need to register the name with ASIC and pay an application fee.

With your ABN on hand, it’s a straightforward process to register your business name using the Australian Government’s ASIC Connect website. You will need to provide:

  • your ABN number;
  • the business name holder details; and
  • the addresses of your new business including the physical, mailing and email addresses.

You’ll also need to choose the term of your business name registration (one or three years) and provide a mehtod of payment (either credit card, BPAY or by invoice). For more information, you can review the detailed steps on the ASIC business name registration page.

After your registration is complete, you should receive a notice of the registration for your records.

Bonus step: Buy a domain name

We’re in the digital age, so it’s important to have an online presence,and like your business name, your business’s domain name should be relevant and easy for customers to remember. Keep in mind that if you’re planning on buying a or domain name for your business, you’ll need an ABN before you can register it.

Start by checking if your preferred domain name is available (on any domain registration site) and follow GoDaddy’s 10 handy tips for choosing the right domain name for your business.

It’s easier to start a new business when you have access to the right information and resources. Contact Choice today to discover how we can assist with your business planning for greater success.

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