Why your customers are the key to your business success

It almost goes without saying that your customers are the key to the ongoing success of your business.

But often, in the quest to win new business, it can be easy to forget that existing customers are your most valuable asset in generating new leads. Harnessing your customer base is a great way to help achieve long-term business success. Here’s how they can help.

Customer endorsements

Endorsements are invaluable to any business, because they mean you have customers who believe you’ve delivered to a standard that’s worthy of their recommendation.

Obtaining customer testimonials is a good endorsement strategy. This can be done by asking your customers to provide written or video feedback on their experience. In most cases you’ll be required to get their permission to use their testimonial in your marketing collateral or on your website.

If you’re involved in workshops or presentations, another strategy is to ask one of your clients to talk about how you’ve helped them. That demonstrates to other people that you can do the same for them.

Distribution of marketing materials

If you produce printed marketing materials, such as brochures or newsletters, your customers can help you spread the word.

Ask them, when they’re finished with the materials, to pass them on to anyone they think may find the content useful. Once you’ve developed a loyal customer army, they’ll be keen to help you reach out to their networks.

Social media endorsements

Thanks to technology, it’s easy for customers to help you build your online business presence.

Social media business channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, are a powerful way of reaching out to new and existing customers, as well as getting endorsements. Customers generally react positively to good customer service by adding you to their online networks, clicking ‘Like’ on your posts, adding comments and endorsing your skills.

Endorsement may come through customers sharing your content; it shows your customers trust you as a thought leader and feel your ideas are worth sharing. This builds your reputation and may lead to potential new customers seeking out your services.

Direct referrals

Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers to refer you to people who are looking for a similar service provider. In most cases your customers will happily refer you on to their friends, and potentially also to contacts in their business networks.

No need for pressure

Transforming your customers into business advocates is not that difficult. It certainly doesn’t need to involve any overt pressure.

Clients who are willing to help are showing that they value you, and what you have to offer. Taking a few simple steps to engage with your customers, and to help them reach out to their broader networks, will make a huge difference to your own business success.

And the key is providing high-quality customer service in the first place. After all, nothing can beat that.

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