Your guide to professional networking events

As a broker, having the right contacts can make all the difference. Here’s a look at how to find networking events and opportunities that will help you to expand your professional circle, increase your visibility and land new clients in the process.

Getting started

If you’re just getting started in the world of networking, the key is to jump in and try a variety of different formats, to find what works for you. From traditional business events to professional seminars to after-hours social meet ups, there’s no shortage of choice when it comes to networking opportunities.

Find meet ups in your area

Local meet up events can be a good way to break the ice and start mingling with your peers. There are several websites that can direct you to professional networking events and meet ups in your local area, including:

  • Meetup– Meetup is a popular networking website designed to help users find and join interest-based groups. There’s even a section devoted to professional networking meet ups.
  • Eventbrite– Eventbrite is an online event site that allows you to search for events by location and category. Simply type in what you’re looking for and find the events that interest you. You can search by category, such as business or hobbies, or by event type, such as networking or conference. You can alsouse the site to post, promote and manage your own events.
  • BNIAustralia– BNI Australia is a business referral and networking group designed to help professionals succeed in their industry, with the stated goal of helping businesses gain new clients.

 Join a professional body

Joining a professional body has many benefits for brokers. It shows you’re serious about your chosen career, and that you’ve reached a certain level of expertise in your field. While it costs money to join a professional body, you’ll have access to range of valuable benefits including member-only events, professional training and networking opportunities.

Host your own event

It’s good to get out to industry events, but you should also consider inviting people into your business, or hosting an event in your local community. You can use a platform like Meetup or Eventbrite to get the word out and make it easy for people to find and register for your event.

Expand your horizons

Joining business groups outside the finance industry can be a great way to expand your professional network. By participating in different types of groups, you can gain a broader sense of how your industry fits into current business trends, get exposure to new ideas and concepts, and possibly expand your referral network along the way.

Get presenting

Presenting at an industry event, conference or meet up can lead to valuable contacts and referrals. Unlike a sales pitch, a presentation is about building authority, sharing knowledge and giving potential customers something of value. When done correctly, presenting can help establish your credibility and keep your business top of mind.

Networking will never go out of style. For more information on how Choice can help you attract the right clients and grow your business, contact us today.